December 26, 2010

A whiteness of swans

Suddenly found myself surrounded by feathered fellows on my first Swedish/winter christmas.
Metal Swedish bird decoration circa 1970's / drawing of a Tui by my father / coloured paper peacock decoration.

different names for groups of different birds:

A raft, flock, colony, covey, dissimulation, fleet, flight, parcel, pod, volery, sedge, chain, bellowing, wake, tok, mews, peep, brood, cletch clutch, clattering, chattering, cover, commotion, covert, rasp, swarm, gulp, hover, murder, muster, parcel, storytelling, head, herd, trip, dole, dule, piteousness, pitying, prettying, dopping, plump, padding, team, fling, convocation, mob, cast, charm, trembing, stand, wedge, gaggle, nide, skein, drum, troubling, lek, pack, bazaar, confusion, screech, aerie, kettle, moulting, screw, stream, seige, hedge, rookery, train, band, party scold, deceit, desert, exaltation, ascension, bevy, tiding, tittering, tribe, congregation, lute, flush, puddling, sute, sord, richness, watch, parliament, stare, company, pandemonium, psittacosis, bew, warren, muster, pride, ostentation, creche, huddle, bouquet, Nye, pheasants, kit, loft, bunch, rush, knob, run, conspiracy, unkindness, crowd, building, clamour, hill, sea, cloud, squabble, doading, exultation, walk, wisp, host, quarrel, ubiquity, numeration, scourge, phalanx, eyrar, bank, drift, game, lamentation, sownder, squadron, whiteness, whiting, diving, spring, mutation, raffle, rafter, coil, trip, fall, descent.

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