March 25, 2010

Defence hedges

One thing I have noticed since arriving in Malmö is the abundance of indoor foliage, and I don't mean the hydroponic sort grown in people's wardrobes. In apartments potted plants are in every room, and to me, all seem to be of the same variety and with a sheen similar to those plastic plants found in Wendy's Dominion Rd or various other places that have now slipped my mind. Swedes seem to think a window sill's sole function is to house small sized plants with large leaves, and every time i look up or across at rows of apartment windows in front of me, all I see are barricades of flora. I find all these leafy curtains rather thrilling, and I strain my eyes trying to peer into the rooms. Kris tells me that people put plants in their windows as a means to deter thieves by obscuring their view of the rest of their possessions, and I thought that a clever and aesthetically pleasing security measure.

Sketches of potted plants on a window sill

Today I spent some time drawing, filling a page in a new sketch book with an assortment of potted plants, real and imaginary. I would like to do some sort of installation with this fake looking greenery, standing guard at every window. A maze, or thick leafy wall. Stories tell us there is always something better on the other side.

March 23, 2010

Malmö FF

First home game tonight for Malmö FF. The pub underneath our place is awash with sky blue. I may put on my blue scarf in support. Tonight's foes are Örebro. It is anyones game.

You Can Leave Your Hat On

Music festivals in New Zealand. Clothes optional. Free love encouraged.

aerial photographs of Nambassa 1979

Sweetwaters auditorium, 1980

and minus the folks and musics

shirtless at Sweetwaters

shirtless and pantless, foraging for food, Nambassa

Billy T.K at Nambassa, 1981

purchasing some crafts and arts in 'the village' at Nambassa, 1981

March 20, 2010

Clara Chon goes to Sweden

A Korean Leopard in Malmö. Possible movie title?

Hi-yo, Silver! Away!

Found today in this morning's paper, a most desirable object. A GIANT HORSE-SHAPED LAMP. At over 2 metres tall and 2 metres wide this magnificent beast would look superb in any lounge, bedroom, patio, or exceptionally large bathroom. Definitely the most ridiculous piece of design I have seen in Sweden so far. It just looks like a horse with a lampshade stuck to it's ear!

Why not a lamp like a life-sized horse indeed?

What the deuce?!

March 14, 2010

Ike's Emporium

Well actually, it's the mystical land of IKEA, and photos of the basement, where all the magic happens. Well, at least where you go to collect your kitset furniture you just saw upstairs in fake rooms like something out of extreme makeover: home edition. After shopping to your hearts content, wind down with a 5:- ($1) hotdog! That's the way things are done around here.

March 12, 2010


A work of mine on show as of today at the Physics Room Kiosk in Christchurch! I just remembered this a moment ago - a strange feeling, but a nice one, knowing that something of mine is being shown in New Zealand even though I have escaped the country. I don't remember where I heard/read about Heather Mills McCartney sleeping with her prosthetic next to her bed, but I sure like the imagery.

Burger Joint

Pre-packaged Cheeseburgers as found at the supermarket. Taste: unknown.
Yes, I have just traveled to the other side of the world and this is all I care to blog about.