June 29, 2011

whet your palette

For a few weeks over the summer, I am the unofficial head of the Serials Department, while everyone takes their summer holidays. While checking in the new periodicals a couple caught my eye: Paletten and Ordkonst. Two Swedish journals about art and literature, respectively.

June 13, 2011

Some Windows / Blinds

Alex Philip Fitzgerald
Some Windows (2010)

Printed acetate and colored vellum layered on the windows of my studio in Malmö, Sweden.


 RED OAK / FIRST DOG (2010-2011)
An imagined space where Walter de Maria's Broken Kilometer exists as a story of the separation of a boy and his two coon hounds.


friends making great art. more to peruse!

Spectacles spectacle

My new pair of spectacles - to seemlessly maintain vision inside and out. I never realised how poor my eyesight was until putting my glasses on -
akin to Dorothy's transition to techni-colour in The Wizard of Oz - entering a whole new world.
Now I just walk around looking at things, marvelling at how sharp and bright everything looks.


Tapas & type: colourfully arranged morsels and letters. The former last night's dinner, the latter a wedding gift for two friends celebrating wedded bliss last weekend in Copenhagen. Corresponding colours and composition almost. I like it when circumstances in my daily life visually reflect each other in an sort of aesthetic coincidence.

Hopefully 'Tapas Saturday' will become a monthly/summer tradition. I feel like I am in the time of my life where I would like to start building up a collection of my own 'traditions', instead of following someone else's. Perhaps this is another goal for the year.

June 12, 2011

Wish you were here


Queen Elizabeth II in a casual yet well coordinated 1970's outfit while holidaying around the Western Isles of Scotland,
the Royal Yacht Britannia is anchored in the background.

Inspiration for a name

Three Tally Ho's: Newspaper from The Prisoner (1967) / Tally Ho! - The Clean (1981) / Two packets of Tally Ho papers from my friends Ash and Tim - Australia's Finest.