March 5, 2015


Am loving the John Cage Indeterminacy random excerpt generator. A wonderful appropriation of Cages' ideas around chance and spontaneity  in art and music making. Cage defined Indeterminacy as 'the ability of a piece to be performed in substantially different ways', and with the random arrangement of the stories, each telling, each performance is unique.

I like the simplicity:
I tell one story a minute, and, when it’s a short one, I have to spread it out. Later on when I come to a long one, I have to speak as rapidly as I can.”

I am looking to explore ideas of indeterminacy through installation, where objects become like characters, works have the ability to be displayed in substantially different ways, and display takes on aspects of performance. 

And I will continue to write down stories, sans time-frame. 

generate your own Cageian lecture HERE

March 1, 2015

Prince to Queen

From Prince to Queen (2009)

was a part of Magazine at Gambia Castle

a slideshow of images from the LIFE magazine archives
of royalty of the hereditary and music persuasions

Prince Charles
Freddie Mercury & Brian May
the Princess of York in a space ship

there and back again

Backlit mirage

The love I saw in you was just a mirage
strung up in front of the window
with shapes of pot plants on the window sill

February 26, 2015

Modern Love

In 2008 Ash and I had a show together and we wrote this about it and I spelt Jonathan Richman's name wrong (on purpose or not I can't recall) and now it seems like a nice little artifact so here is a little act of preservation - because archival handling, as Ash says, is important.

November 9, 2014

Scandia sketches

Beautiful drawings by Gunnar Asplund of his planned interiors of Scandia theatre from 1922. One of Sweden's most beautiful cinemas, Stockholm's equivalent of Auckland's Civic.

October 23, 2014

Ongoing goings on

Have started a tumblr as a means of viewing, organising, grouping and collating photographs and images of artworks, sketches and items of interest. From both digital and analog cameras, home and abroad. An excellent method to find new patterns and narratives within images and creating previously unrecognized links to other photographs, some long forgotten.

follow the continuous stream here

October 15, 2014

Ivan Ivanovich

Ivan Ivanovich - Russia's test flight mannequin.
Ivan Ivanovich - the Russian equivalent of John Doe.
amazing what one stumbles across when spellchecking.