February 17, 2010

Florence lives here

You know you officially live somewhere when your name is on a door.

February 10, 2010


Kelvin Cruickshank: connecting with spirits, man-to-man.

Sensing Murder returns to your box tonight at half 8 on TV2 with your favourite resident psychic frauds, Kelvin, Deb and Sue. Greatest reality show on tv? Perhaps.

February 7, 2010

Flag it

New Zealand is having another identity crisis fuelled by theNew Zealand Herald, and now we are thinking of getting a new flag. Perhaps instead of getting the idiotic public to design their own flags using MS Paint, we should just adopt a flag from a country which no longer exists. Here are some excellent examples from the Wikipedia category "Obsolete national flags".

Flag of the Khanate of Khiva 1511-1917. Pale blue crescent moon on white background.

The Royal flag of the Jaffna Kingdom. A couchant bull and the surrounding sun and the moon, and a parasol.

The flag and coat of arms of Moldavia, depicting an aurochs/wisent head.

February 3, 2010


window 22.12.2009 - 19.02.2010

Another Green World (Shining), 2009, Florence Wild, embroidery on jute.

The Cotton Suit, 2009, Clara Chon, safety pins on t-shirt.

...Singing in Paris, 2009, Florence Wild, invisible ink on newsprint.

So here are some images from the show Clara and I put on at Window over the summer break.
Here is also a link to the review by John Hurrell. And to whoever pilfered Clara's painting which was also part of this show, FOR SHAME, YOU SCOUNDREL.