August 28, 2012

Back To You

Claire has recently departed after an amazing two weeks in Scandinavia. Based in Malmö (where I currently reside) but also featuring a 4-day visit to Stockholm and a couple of day trips (perhaps night trips would be a more fitting phrase) to Copenhagen and its surrounds. In due course of our travels many photos were taken. With me equipped with a trusty point-and-shoot Konica film camera, and Claire with her Canon digital camera as well as her (smart) phone, we were armed to the hilt.
On looking through the accumulated snaps, a certain trend became rather apparent. And what was meant as documentation of two friends exploring three cities, ended up looking like Claire just followed me around in a rather stalkerish manner - a generous chunk of the images are of my back, or me in various stages or turning around. Perhaps there is now enough material for a 'Florence strides forth' tumblr or some such lunacy. But here let's keep things to only the choicest cuts.
My photos are due to be collected next week,and should hopefully even out the disproportionate number of Claire stalking Florence photos.

All photos by Claire Cooper.

PLACES: Drottningholm / Copenhagen / Drottningholm / Frederiksborg  / Stockholm / Frederiksborg /

August 26, 2012

Rain check

It has been raining heavily. It's the end of August and I can feel the seasons changing. Today is the last day of my holiday, tomorrow I will be back at work, and the beginning of the Autumn term will be underway. The Autumn season of Cinemateket commences on Tuesday, which will bring an extra couple of hours of culture and enjoyment to every Tuesday and Saturday, and a means of easing into the habit of stockings and more than one layer of clothing. There is something appealing in entering a cinema in daylight, then emerging again in darkness. A way to acknowledge time passing.

Time is passing, even though it feels as if I have gone back in time three months right now, and that will change again at the end of the week. I think I need the rain at times like this, when one is sort of stuck in the middle. August has been a surreal month, great excitement and happiness rubbing shoulders with anxiety and sadness. I think I would like my Autumn a little more constant.

rainy views from today's window. it cleared up later on.