March 25, 2010

Defence hedges

One thing I have noticed since arriving in Malmö is the abundance of indoor foliage, and I don't mean the hydroponic sort grown in people's wardrobes. In apartments potted plants are in every room, and to me, all seem to be of the same variety and with a sheen similar to those plastic plants found in Wendy's Dominion Rd or various other places that have now slipped my mind. Swedes seem to think a window sill's sole function is to house small sized plants with large leaves, and every time i look up or across at rows of apartment windows in front of me, all I see are barricades of flora. I find all these leafy curtains rather thrilling, and I strain my eyes trying to peer into the rooms. Kris tells me that people put plants in their windows as a means to deter thieves by obscuring their view of the rest of their possessions, and I thought that a clever and aesthetically pleasing security measure.

Sketches of potted plants on a window sill

Today I spent some time drawing, filling a page in a new sketch book with an assortment of potted plants, real and imaginary. I would like to do some sort of installation with this fake looking greenery, standing guard at every window. A maze, or thick leafy wall. Stories tell us there is always something better on the other side.

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