September 16, 2009

Wasting away in Key Largo

The Hot Adult Contemporary Chart has gone through a variety of pseudonyms and monikers since its inception in 1961. Originally called Easy Listening Charts, it then transformed to the Middle-Road Singles, a far more appropriate title, before switching to Pop Standard Singles. These names capture the true essence of probably the most bland and boring yet inoffensive branch of music. However the phrase “Adult Contemporary” manages to instill a sense of intrigue and fascination, so here are some diamonds in the rough that is the “Hot A/C Charts” in its many forms, the purgatory for tunes which epitomise mediocrity.

Mac Arthur Park: we’ll never have that recipe again.
Key Largo: Just like Bogey & Bacall

Superstar: I fell in love with you, on the radio.
Sukiyaki: the peak of Japanese crooning.

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