September 18, 2009

Ode to the Road

Nostalgia is a great thing. Going over to the flat I just vacated a few days ago, we reminisced about our childhood and songs that perfectly captured that time. It seemed to be solely represented by 'dad music', songs and artists forever cemented in our minds by repeat plays from dads on long car trips - Roxy Music, Van Morrison and The Muttonbirds. Having never strayed far from the house I grew up in, the mythical Dominion Rd has always lived up to its reputation as being the best road in Auckland. Features include an excellent Salvation Army store providing a wardrobe of navy attire Princess Diana would've been proud of and a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories withdrawn from my alma mater, a Wendy's where so far two family members have been employed and memories of many a $5 chicken combos (upsized, coke no ice, thank you) have been drunkenly devoured, Geoff's Emporium - the one stop emporium for Winston Peters Halloween masks, John Lennon sunglasses and $1.95 canvases. The antique/pawnbrokers run by the grumpy old man who then died and we secretly rejoiced at, the 2nd hand store This Is Not A Love Shop, where we were told "Don't come in here again, this isn't a bloody playground", and the mysterious British-Israel Bookshop which i have never seen open in my entire Dominion Rd loitering career.
Good times, great rock n' roll.

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