May 5, 2010

Wild Citroens

If I ever get a car I would ideally like a Citroen DS. In the 1967 film Le Samourai, Alain Delon has a set of keys allowing him to thieve any Citroen DS that crossed his path. Sleek yet angular, Roland Barthes stated in an essay about the car that it looked as if it had "fallen from the sky". They look like the type of car made for an adventure, one where I could then be photographed at picnic table with my citroen lounging in the background, like the photo of my mother above. My uncle used to have a Citroen DS, and I always felt a sense of amazement when the hydraulics would slowly raise the rear of the car, and the back seat I would be sitting on. Citroens must run in the family.

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