May 26, 2010

Malmö Record #2

Yes, I bought another Fleetwood Mac album. From the same store, this time en route to the beer supermarket for a few Red Stripes (James Bond's favourite beer when in Jamaica). Being a marvellous spring day, the old codgers running the joint were relaxing outside on chairs I think they were trying to sell. In the record crates there was still an abundance of Elton John, Rod Stewart and Supertramp, but they also seemed to have come into the possession of the entire back catalogues of Toto and REO Speedwagon. Was sorely tempted by some Roy Orbison and Elvis compilations, and the same Best of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music as at Rocky's, but all were too scratched for my liking.
I had a small tête-à-tête with owners, who, after establishing I was from New Zealand, regaled me with tales about an American band who couldn't get any studio time to record and then decided to move to New Zealand and became a country act, naturally, the name escapes me. It was one of those "someone and the something else's". There was also some talk of a Swedish glass artist who was apparently glazing and blowing down Nelson way.
Perhaps my next record purchase will be something completely out of left early Fleetwood Mac. Or Albatross.


  1. i remember listening to it with you during late night studio shenanigans!