March 4, 2013

Febreze in, febreeze out

(If Bree and I were prepared enough, we would have worn suits of fries).

While in New Zealand, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to play some tracks with my good pal Bree Huntly at local watering hole Golden Dawn. It was a warm evening of good songs, good beers, and many friends stopping by to indulge in both of the activities mentioned above. Thank you Matthew Crawley for letting us lose on the unsuspecting public (but really it was a win-win situation) 
Special shout outs need to go my NZ fan base of young female B grade celebrities who made an appearance for this one night only event - Keisha Castle-Hughes, Annabel Fay, Ruby Frost and others whose names I have already forgotten. Hope you mentioned us in the social pages, ladies.

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