November 10, 2010

Rocky's Livs

Mooning around Malmö - autunmal excursions with Alex during her brief 4 day visit over the weekend (the same weekend MFF win the Allsvenskan football league and some city-wide hooning commences) saw us getting up to the usual sort of mischief. Bike rides out to the piers at Ribersborg, sea swans, larking about in the leaves at Pildammsparken, trawling through second hand shops full of tie-dyed t-shirts and scores of Letraset. Galleries and gallery openings, record shopping with novelty 7"s. Stumbling across hilarious shops names and the Malmö branch of Rocky's Superette. Homemade pizza and the best falafel in Malmö.
Who needs to see the sights of Malmö when you can view them in miniature form at the Malmö-themed mini golf in Folkets Park?

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