October 11, 2010

that autumnal feeling

rockin' back inside my heart/bookishness/bouts of Holmesian energy/colour coordination/brisk constitutionals around Malmö/hats & coats & gloves & investigations.

Autumn leaves via
here, here, here


  1. Hello, I think I posted this question on a different post earlier by accident. Where did you find the "Autumn Leaves" image? I would really like to find a print. Thank you!

  2. I stumbled across the image on an idle google image search one day, it comes from the blog, the great work of a young Swedish graphic designer, who it appears is now making the image into a nifty tote - available for purchase from her site.

  3. actually the bag is now sold out. it is a shame i don't understand much swedish.

  4. The Autumn Leaves bag is up for sale again! You can buy it here http://prick.blogg.se/2011/september/tygpase-till-hosten.html and if there's something you don't understand (Google Translate can be a bit confusing sometimes), just send me an email!

  5. hi,
    where does the 'autumn leaves' come from?