September 23, 2010

First House

First House (1950) designed by Group Construction Company, later 'Group Architects'.
via the Architecture Archive, University of Auckland

Affectionately known as 'the Group', they are now the subject of a new book Group Architects: Towards a New Zealand Architecture (Auckland University Press, October 2010), edited by Julia Gatley, also responsible for the acclaimed Long Live the Modern: New Zealand’s New Architecture, 1904-1984 (AUP, 2008).
The book will be launched with an exhibition of the same name during Auckland Architecture Week 2010 at Gus Fisher Gallery. The exhibition combines drawings, photographs, models, furniture, paintings and sculpture by members of the Group. Houses, the building type for which these modern architects are best known, are depicted in photographs and models.

I wonder if 'Allan Wild and Colin Wilson in Conversation' (reproduction plywood chairs) 2008, will be included.


  1. how can i find more information on this building?

  2. I would suggest looking through the books mentioned above, in particular the Group Architects one - which is the first comprehensive book about them, I believe. Also the Architecture Archive at Auckland University. Other Architecture Archives around New Zealand possibly have more information as well.

  3. thanks boss.. ill defiantly have a look at the books :D

    I actually live in new zealand, Auckland.. and i know this house is located in Takapuna, i was wondering if by anychance you knew where it is?

  4. I am pretty sure the 'first house' no longer exists, but i found this article about one of their houses on the North Shore.
    I can ask family members however, as my grandfather is Allan Wild, an original member of 'The Group'.

  5. yeah just had a read though this artical...

    its a shame that the house no longer exists..

    it would be nice if you could ask ur family members about this house!!

    if possible could you please email me some photos and plans of this building? my email is

    thank you :D