January 17, 2010

Cross your palm with silver

So, according to every one's favourite prophet / druid / televised debater Steve Braunias, here is what 2010 has in store for Kris and I. And anyone else who happens to be an Aries or Capricorn.


You've no say in the future, but you can change the past. Reinvent, alter the facts, select only edited highlights. Romance will survive a few secrets. New challenges at work test your patience; a rush of blood to the head could save months of distress. Palliative care brings unlikely rewards. Where there is a will, there is a pot of gold. Avoid coffee, outdoor pursuits, and New Zealand fiction.

Well, sounds like i can't read Ngaio Marsh anymore, although there is probably not a whole bunch of Inspector Alleyn mysteries at my disposal in Sweden anyway.


The clock is ticking, and the bell tolls for thee. Can you hear yourself think? There's no time for that: the future is banging at the door. A very big chicken will come home to roost. Meeting its demands might be easier than you think. Strangers hold the purse strings. Think consciously about making a good first impression. Bathe often, and see your family doctor.

For some reason, I can't help but think that I am being referred to as the 'very big chicken'.

Truly, New Zealand's most accurate horoscope for 2010.

Braunias, enjoying a tall glass of milk after many hours behind his crystal ball.

(Horoscopes written by Steve Braunias for the Sunday Star Times).

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