October 20, 2009

The mystery of the two cups of tea

While Florence Broadhurst was celebrated for her brilliant fabric, wallpaper designs and patterns, her 1977 death remains shrouded in mystery. Speculation was rife that she had fallen victim to a serial killer who murdered elderly woman However others believed Florence's killer was known to her, due to the presence of two cups of tea found near her body, suggestive of a rendezvous.


  1. sadly most will recognise this fabric as Karen Walker (?) or another of those NZ high street designers. consider yourself bookmarked!

  2. really? I am oblivious to such things. must be tunnel vision.

  3. From the Wikipedia article... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florence_Broadhurst

    Five-hundred and thirty Broadhurst designs are in the company's collection but only a small proportion are printed by the company as wallpaper and fabric. The company retains strict control over the designs and insists printing take place in its inner-city Sydney factory. Some licences have been granted for other uses, such as high-end fashion pieces by designers Akira Isogawa, Nicole Zimmermann and Karen Walker. In late 2008, Cadrys Handwoven Rugs (based in Sydney, Australia) launched The Florence Broadhurst Rug Collection in Australia & the USA featuring 10 superb designs with many more to follow, featuring Tibetan handspun wool, pure silk and other natural fibres. The Florence Broadhurst Rug Collection will be launched in Asia within 2009. [4]